Closer to Home


Phillip “Bane” Shaw, a native of Scotland, is the arrogant and impetuous owner of Shaw Sound Studios in Hollywood South. Shaw has a thriving business, loyal friends, and a captivating relationship with Bronagh Stewart, a woman with whom he is wholly in love and who altogether completes him; a woman he thought didn’t exist. The compelling desire Bronagh and he share, and their seemingly flawless relationship bring about contentment Bane has never known, despite the mildly petulant, ever-present thoughts of the murders he committed in Glasgow years before. Shaw’s idyllic life is threatened, not only by the secrets of his past, but also of Bronagh’s, when Bronagh’s psychopathic ex-husband reenters her life. Will this monster succeed in visiting upon her, again, unimaginable violence?

Closer To Home is a psychological suspense thriller and is the first novel of the Bane Shaw series.

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What One Leaves Behind

Shaw is the owner of a thriving sound production studio in the Bayou State.  He rides a Harley, is crude, arrogant, and reckless. Despite those shortcomings, there is nary a man more generous or more loyal, nor one with more secrets. He keeps his murderous past – his demons – at bay, but returning to his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland to marry Bronagh may awaken the beast that lingers deep in his soul.  Tortured by the memories of the brutal slayings of his father and brother years earlier, Shaw is also imprisoned by the thoughts of his bloody revenge upon the men who took their lives.

Can Shaw walk away from his past when a new evil takes a seat next to him in the historical Stockwell Street pub? Or, will he spiral out of control, risking his new life with Bronagh, to exact his revenge on the family that has plagued him for decades?

The psychological suspense thriller What One Leaves Behind is the second novel in the Bane Shaw series. O’Leary once again takes her readers on a dark journey into the depths of the human psyche  and challenges them to examine the lengths one will go to in order to protect those they love.