Gentlemen – In Your Defense

WARNING: These are personal reflections and comments on a charged and intensely debated subject. We call it: “The Gospel According To O’Leary!”

If you are EASILY OFFENDED – stop reading.

If you are a die-hard FEMINIST – stop reading.

If you are a whiny little girl who feels she is ENTITLED – stop reading.

For the rest of you, agree or disagree, but enjoy.


I have wrangled with the idea of writing on this subject matter for some time, but chose to keep my opinions to myself. I know. It is a very self-controlled effort for those of you who know me well. However, after several of my male readers requested that I put my thoughts in writing, I decided it might be the right time to set aside Lady O’Leary and unleash the bitch that sometimes surfaces and takes up residence beneath my skin.

For what it’s worth gentlemen, this is in your defense.

I loathe conflict and I like to avoid making people angry, but occasionally, a little anger can send the wheels of thought to a full-tilt spin. Ladies: you are not a man’s equal and you are certainly not his superior. Don’t get me wrong. I admire and respect strong, independent women. I’m proud of their individual success, ability to problem-solve, and their natural instinct to be compassionate care-givers. However, I pity women who feel the constant need to compete with the opposite sex to the point they will pull out their own penis to be measured before a pissing contest. A man, a real man, has been, is, and always shall be your dominate, and if you, as his partner, aren’t submissive to him, you are missing out on a precious gift. Men want a woman they can dote on and treat like a rare gift, but so many of us are stealing that pleasure from our men.

Since I’m breaking all the sisterhood rules, let’s get this crap out of the way too. I believe in equal pay for equal work and all that jazz. I will argue the point that women can’t always do the job. If a woman wants to be a firefighter, for example, good for her. I will say this: if I am ever in need of rescue, I sure as hell hope it’s the 6′ 1″ man at my door and not some 5′ 5″ chick – even if she can tote 120 pounds on her back. Another example: more and more women are serving in combat for our military, and I applaud each and every one of them. I personally don’t want to fight a war; I would rather raise my children. Plus, a woman’s body wasn’t designed for combat. We have, shall we say, too many crevices to ever make us effective warriors. Again, to each his own. But, please stop bitching about equal pay when you can’t come close to performing the job equally.

Yes, fellows, I did hear a stampede of high heels leaving the room.

I enjoy men. I grew up with three brothers. Being the only girl in an alpha male household gave me great insight into the inner rational of these very complex creatures. All of my closest friends in high school were boys. I was just one of the guys, able to talk about football, or how to rebuild a carburetor, and of course, how stupid teenage girls were. (As you can imagine, I didn’t have very many girl friends; a few, but not many.) Insecurity is an unbecoming and ugly look on a woman.

I believe most men, (I didn’t say guys: I know there are pigs that walk amongst us,) are wonderful, and they all want a wonderful mate. I am proud to admit that I want a man to open a door for me or order my meal at a restaurant. It’s not that I am incapable of doing it for myself, but I enjoy the knowledge that I mean that much to him. I love being adored and protected, and I’m not ashamed to acknowledge he’s the boss. I embrace the rewards this kind of man affords me.

Yes, I hear you, ladies: “This kind of man doesn’t exist.” And, for the most part, I agree with you. But let’s examine why real men don’t exist in our world.

For decades some women have conditioned some men into believing they are on the same playing field. Well, that is bullshit! The fact that these women need to leash-up a man by his scrotum, and drag him around to find any self-worth is alarming to me as a woman. He is your man! Why would you treat him like a pet, one to be suppressed and slapped on the nose? Grow up and get your head out of your ass. You don’t have a dick and you are not likely to grow one, so put away your penis-envy and simply let him be a man. Emasculation is also very unbecoming and truly classless. It is not unlike the stupid mentality of the late 1960’s when burning your bra was a feminist battle cry. Dumbasses! Why would a woman want to battle a man? Keep your bra and throw away your panties, but by God, be different! Be better than all those stupid women who truly believe they are entitled. As women, we are owed nothing!

I challenge women to stop bashing men – it has become a very nasty habit. Celebrate men, and you will find they will celebrate you.

  1. JHealy says:

    Hi Regan:)
    I came by your article through Twitter (via the sweet (and hot) man, @InvictusDad). Your posts are eloquent, and I get the sense that you are a lovely person.
    I have to say, in my humble opinion, your article is spot on, and well done. I share your viewpoint and applaud your courage and fortitude to share it with the world.
    I happen to believe that man and women differ uniquely for a reason. And I love how you reference that as a gift. You and me, uniquely women, were designed especially for men, and vice versa. That is special; it’s sexy, and designed to be a powerful bond. I don’t know what’s more beautiful. This uniqueness gives rise to teaching our daughters and sons how to become women and men. A women has unique knowledge to impart to her daughters, as men do to our sons.
    There are no two ways about the fact that men are stronger than women. And of course you will always have an exceptionally strong woman here and there, but that’s what it is; an exception, not the rule.
    I want a powerful man to take charge and lead, while I focus on being his partner, supporting him, our kids, etc. so he can slay the daily dragons. To me, there’s nothing sexier than a strong man who wants to protect me and love me instinctively with everything he has.
    Sorry to leave such a verbose comment, but it’s so refreshing to read someone who shares the same values:)
    All the best,

    • Hi Jill!

      I can’t begin to thank you enough for your comments. I have been pleasantly surprised by the support and appreciation so many women have expressed, although, much of that feedback was given privately for fear of being verbally lashed and ostracized. I applaud you for openly leaving your thoughts and feelings here.

      Women need to reclaim the prize, the gift, their men. And, you are exactly right – our daughters need to see (and therefore learn) what it means to be a real woman. It is so encouraging to meet women like you, knowing there are a few of us remaining who have not been indoctrinated and so willing to readily ‘drink the Kool-aid’!


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