What One Leaves Behind: The Wedding Night Excerpt from Chapter 8

When Marsh finished singing, Bronagh asked Shaw, “When is it polite for us to leave the party and go upstairs? I want you.”

“You want me?” Shaw asked.

Bronagh stroked Shaw’s chest. “I really do!”

“Then I don’t give a shit about being polite!” Shaw kissed Bronagh and moved her toward the door of the reception hall.

“Phillip, we haven’t changed our clothes to leave!”

Shaw grabbed her shoulders and made Bronagh face him. “Darlin’, I will strip you naked if you want, but you’re not changing in to more clothes just to go upstairs with me and have me take those off, too! I don’t care about protocol! You said you want me.”

“I desperately want you!” she kissed him deeply.

Shaw pulled her toward the door.

“Shouldn’t we at least tell your mom and our friends good night?” Bronagh asked.

“Aye, right! No! We’ll see them in the morning!” he said, then picked Bronagh up in his arms, kissed her neck, and moved toward the door.

Marsh smiled. “Ladies and gentlemen, it seems Mr. and Mrs. Shaw are eager to begin their honeymoon,” he announced from the bandstand. He paused; his green eyes defiantly fixed on Liz. She caught his ruthless stare before he continued. “On behalf of Bronagh and Bane, thank you for celebrating their union, and, they ask you to please stay and continue to enjoy the reception.” From the bandstand, Marsh looked at Karen. She winked at him with a smile.

Shaw carried Bronagh from the reception into the hallway to the elevators. He set her down, pushed the up button before slamming her into the closed elevator door, kissing her madly. He ran his hands over her body. “God, woman! I want you, Bronagh, again and again!”

The elevator doors opened and Bronagh pulled Shaw into the empty car. “You’ll have me, sweetheart!” she moaned, letting Shaw wrap her in his arms again.

Even groping her body, Shaw imagined it was the longest elevator ride to their suite on the twentieth floor. Finally, he pulled Bronagh into the hotel suite. He stripped away his clothes under Bronagh’s watchful eyes.

She teased him, pulling a glass from the bar. “Don’t you want a drink, baby?”

“No!” he growled. He knocked the glass away, took her face in his hands, and stared in to her eyes, only momentarily. Shaw, like most men, was a visual lover, aroused by what he could see. His eyes roamed over his bride as he undressed her, tearing at the side zipper of her gown. And, Bronagh, like most women, responded to touch. She instinctively closed her eyes, savoring Shaw’s skilled hands petting her body. He breathed heavily, fondling her, watching her succumb to his touch. Begging Shaw to the bed, Bronagh watched him climb on top of her and pressed himself to her leg. He teased her now, tracing his tongue over the blood-swollen veins in her chest that pulsed under her fair skin. Answering Bronagh’s moans and pleads, he pressed himself into her, letting her savor the slow crawl of his entry. He let her control the first moments, responding to the deliberate hold Bronagh had on his hips. Accordant and rhythmic, Shaw followed her demand to pull him in deeply before she whined for a need she couldn’t produce on her own. He growled, like a ravenous animal, at her pleading eagerness and became more urgent and avid. Shaw touched her face and made Bronagh look at him. Her racing heart told him the dopamine speeding through her body had also dilated her eyes. Watching the flush of her pale complexion, and the pleasure that swept across her black pupils made him mildly insane. Bronagh fixed her stare on him. He saw it in her eyes the moment she tightened around him. Keeping her gaze on Shaw, she wailed out her pleasure. As many times as he had made love to Bronagh in the past, loving her as his wife, like this, awarded Shaw an erotic high he had never experienced. He howled out his release then lingered inside her, allowing Bronagh to grasp at the remnants of his erection, before he wrapped Bronagh in his arms.

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