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watsonA very industrious, proactive & vivacious lady of hearts named Regan O’ Leary strips down the unbound stairs of Watson’s gallery & well imprinting across the hallway of most creative blogger’s page “Intervus – The Online Interview Diary”, where millions of authors get interviewed & readers get to meet their taste, in guise. So let welcome today’s most ravishing author “Regan O’ Leary.

dreamstime_xl_64245700Regan O’Leary was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, spending a great deal of her childhood along the Louisiana Gulf coast. She is a freelance writer and researcher, and she enjoys reading, fishing, and traveling at home and abroad. She still resides in South Louisiana with her husband and three children. Closer To Home is her first novel.

Watson: Welcome to writer’s online interview diary, Regan. Let your readers-cum-lovers know, what inspires you to write?

Regan: Life. Just take a look around. It’s weird, funny, depressing, shocking, giddy, bashfuland real. Life inspires me: “you just can’t make this stuff up!”

W: It means, you be “nature queen”? Besides nature, is that all come from your real life whatever you come to bleed in.. pages?

R: Ha! I’m no “Nature Queen”, that’s for certain. I people-watch. I research. I love learning something new every day. Real life events give me ideas: Sometimes it is a friend’s tragedy or triumph. Sometimes it’s simply the world spinning around me. And music! Believe it or not, music plays a huge roll in how my storyline comes together.

W: So it means, do you write across both fiction and nonfiction? Aside that, what type of “music” inspires you to get yourself in gear?

R: I guess you could say that. Yet sometimes it is such an incidental real life event, say a flat tire, that suddenly spins into a three chapter literary word orgy. That is the beautiful thing about writing: your brain, when allowed, is a brilliant organ, always working, churning up new ideas and possibilities. Since I write psychological thrillers, brain function is pretty bloody important!

Music: Classic Rock mostly helps me allot to be sane. lol

Watson: Cleverly answered

Regan: Truthfully answered

W: Describe your books in 10 words?

R: Thought provoking, dark, moody, vigilante vengeance, loyalty, love, friendship, and musical.

W: What kinda research you do for your books?

R: Meticulous research! I am intimately aware of every detail of each of my characters and their environment. Literally, I know how many windows are on a house described, and what the weather was on a given day mentioned in my story. Accuracy is extremely important to me. I’m not writing fantasy; the details must be correct.

W: What was your own journey to publishing like? What were your biggest learning experiences throughout the publishing years?

R: I think any author will tell you they would love to be the next writer snatched up by Simon and Schuster Publishing, but let’s face it: that’s a long shot! I pretty much knew from the beginning that if I wanted my work out there, I would have to self publish. I did a lot of research on the pros and cons of self publishing before I made a final decision to go the expense of setting up my own publishing company. Eventually I hope to publish other writers who also want to keep their creative freedom but don’t want the costs associated with establishing a publishing company.

W: What is the book’s genre?

R: Closer To Home, What One Leaves Behind, and the third unnamed novel are Psychological Suspense Thrillers chronicling my anti-hero Bane Shaw.

W: What was the time frame for writing this book?

R: I began writing Closer To Home in January 2015. It was fundamentally complete by mid-February. I spent the next six months editing and polishing the manuscript until I felt it was truly complete. What One Leaves Behind has taken longer to write, mainly because of the amount of research involved as the entire story takes place in Scotland and Ireland.

W: Is writing your day job? If so, would you like to shed some lights on it?

R: I’m the mother of three teenagers so that is my 24×7 working job. The pay sucks but the reward can’t be measured. I spend time either writing or editing every day, and I’m usually beta reading for different writers.

W: You say you are a full time tweaking mama so.. do your children let you work 24×7? Are also blessed with such… writing talent?

R: That’s a great question! My son, my oldest, is a skilled writer, a fabulous editor, and he is very well read. However, he has a wickedly brilliant mind with some seriously scary mathematic skills; he’ll likely become an engineer of some sort. My two girls are polar opposites of each other, which tends to lead to some spirited debates in my house. My oldest daughter is very creative. She loves to write, act, and is very athletic. She’s very responsible which makes her a bit bossy! Baby girl, well *sigh*. She is smart, beautiful, but far too lazy to write! But, man! Can she sing!

W: The time you love writing: at night? Or in morn (At dawn)?

R: I love writing all the time, but I think I am most productive in the evening with a glass of white wine! I save my mornings for editing and reading. To quote a fellow writer friend: “Write drunk, edit sober!”

W: Who quoted those industrious words? Would you like to mention that author’s name?

R: I’d better not; he’s a tad shy and a bit of a recluse.

W: How much time you spend with your writing (In one sitting)?

R: It varies. When I’m on a roll, hours! Then there are times (usually in the middle of the night) when an idea comes to mind, so I sit down for a few minutes to write.

W: What do you like reading the most? Do you read, btw? If so, What place you find the most pleasant for reading?

R: I love to read. I don’t know a writer who isn’t an avid reader. My favorite genres are suspense thrillers and mysteries. I truly admire mystery writers – a talent I don’t possess. My favorite spot to read is stretched out in the sunshine next to my pool.

W: Do you believe in “writer’s block” & “procrastination”? Have you ever been in such situations? How do you overcome writers block and procrastination if you’ve ever face one of ‘em or both in life?

R: I’m so glad you included procrastination in this question! I am notoriously guilty of frittering about, always finding something “more important” to do. And it’s a chronic disability: I’ve had it for years! In fact, my high school American History teacher gave me ‘The Scarlet O’Hara Award For Procrastination’! True story! As far as writer’s block? I’m thankful I don’t suffer too often with that disease. When I do find myself stuck, I simply walk away from that project and focus on a different writing project. I’m always writing, so there is always something to do.

W: Scarlet O’Hara? Ha! Well.. Why don’t you tell or share a bit about that story to your lovers? (Only if you feel comfortable to)

R: Sure! It’s comical really! Mr. Martin was my history teacher. He was lively and made every lesson interesting – you wanted to learn! He was known for breaking wooden yard sticks across student’s desk if he thought they weren’t paying attention to his brilliant lecture. The ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ award was so honorably bestowed me because I completed my history projects the night before they were due, causing me to stay up until the wee hours of morning to finish, even though Mr. Martin had given us weeks to prepare. By the way, Mr. Martin also gave me ‘The Boss Tweed Corruption Award’. I was brazen enough to copy my pal’s homework sitting in the hall outside his classroom door!

W: What and who is your inspiration behind your work? What motivates you the most to reach extreme besides “mama nature”?

R: Again, I draw from life. I like to bring attention to real issues and hope in some small way, make an impact. I do try for “extremes”. For instance, in Closer To Home, there is rape, domestic violence, and vigilante justice. Regardless of a reader’s position on these topics, I hope I get them thinking about how their lives might be impacted by such events.

W: Before reaching the life you are living, how many times you got rejected or criticized by your proof reader? Editor? Or publisher?

R: To be honest, I think I submitted my manuscript to some publishing agents a whopping five times. I knew that self-publishing was the best route to take. I own my words and my material and I like that idea. As far as proof readers? I have two fantastic beta readers that are wonderful with feedback and furthering my story line with fantastic ideas – they are never critical. And copy editors? I pay them to be critical!

W: Which was your 1st platform to choose for self publishing? How much you spent for that? And do you earn much today than how much you spent for publishing?

R: I immediately formed a publishing LLC that my attorney manages for me. I wrote Closer To Home in about six weeks then spent months editing and released it through Amazon on my brother’s birthday last September. I can tell you, as most indie authors will, I spent a fair amount of money on the project launch. And, I’ll quote another author friend, S.J. Hermann (he won’t mind!) “l’ve earned enough to buy a candy bar from time to time!” It’s a rough business, but I don’t write to pay my bills, I write because I can’t not write.

W: Whao! You don’t write for paying bill but write because you can’t write? Very smashing line you said. Tell us more a little more ‘bout it.

R: I hope one day I could have the option of writing to make a living, but even if that never happens, I will continue to write. I love it too much to ever walk away!

W: Is self publishing seemed profitable to you?

R: Profitable? Not yet. But I have creative control and that is worth a lot to me.

W: Rapid fire:

Fav. Book?
– too many fav books

2. Fav. Classic band?

– Chicago

3. Fav. Author?

– James Lee Burke

4.Fav. Movie?

– Gone With The Wind

Song that you oft. hum over the night?
– Cool Change

W: Choose one:

Movies or Books?
– Books

Reading or writing?
– hard to tell, but writing

Listening or speaking?
– Listening

Understanding or judging?
– Understanding

Hate or love
– Love

Love or lust?
– Love

6.Mystery or romance

– Mystery

7.Thrill or erotica?

– Thriller

8.loyalty or royalty?

– Loyalty

9.Childhood or Maturity?

– Childhood

10.Modernism or vintage?

– Vintage

W: Any message or tip or suggestions would you like to share with newbies?

R: Ha! I think of myself as a newbie! Read. Always read! Connect with like writers for ideas and support.

W: What platform would you recommend to newbies to get published through?

R: It’s really a personal decision. If you are a control freak like myself, self-publish. If you are flexible with reworking and rewriting portions of your manuscript, traditional publishing is an excellent avenue.

W: Which is more profitable in your eye: Self publishing or traditional approach?

R: IF you can get representation, traditional publishing. Writers have seemingly unlimited resources at their disposal with traditional publishing.

W: Are you working on any new project? Book? Blog? Or anything else… ? Tell us a bit about your new upcomings’?

R: The second Bane Shaw novel, What One Leaves Behind, is slated for release summer 2016, but I may have it out by late spring. The third Bane Shaw novel is well underway and I am anticipating a Christmas release. I’ll continue to write Shaw’s story but plan to move into a new series that promises to be even darker and more violent. I have a short story, Atchafalaya, that will go live soon. Blog, blog, blog – I’m tossing around two ideas for a new blog series but I’m not ready to reveal my surprise just yet! I routinely post blogs and excerpts on my website for your reading pleasure!

W: Thanks Regan for your precious time.

R: Welcome. Glad to be here. Thanks for having me here around on “intervus”. Ha!

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