Scarlett Knight – 4 Stars

The villain of the story is one twisted sicko

4.0 out of 5 stars A Dark Thriller with Romance, April 8, 2016

This review is from: Closer To Home (Book One A Bane Shaw Crime Drama Series 1) (Kindle Edition)

‘Closer To Home’ is the debut novel by indie author Regan O’ Leary. It centers around sexy Scot Bane Shaw (and oh, how I have a weakness for long-haired Scotsmen!) and his love, Bronagh. I liked the romance between these two. They seemed like a good fit for one another, both seemingly okay on the outside, but both harboring secrets and dark pasts on the inside.

The villain of the story is one twisted sicko, and it should come as no surprise, if you take a look at the novel’s cover, that the book does get rather violent. And that violence is realistic and brutal.

Probably my biggest critique of the story was that honestly, I had a hard time getting into it in the beginning. There was a hefty amount of back story that filled the first few chapters, and I’m not sure it did anything to move the plot forward. I didn’t actually know what the plot was until the end of chapter 6, when I got a sense of the antagonist.

Once the antagonist appeared on the scene, the story sped up for me, building in tension until the climax. I’m excited for O’Leary, as it looks like she’s off to a good start with her established characters, especially Bane Shaw, and I’m curious to see where she takes this badass Scotsman next!

4.0 stars